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grappling with Right Now

Grabbed this from NPR.

Soft, quiet, avoidant and thus achingly loud racial heartbreak

Found via googling “Such a Fun Age”

No one wants to be That White Person

A Baltimore author’s debut (who happens to be my former manager)

Slept on it for four years, and now anxious to read it a second time.

A bit of the cover, found on google.

Abi Daré’s debut novel about a girl coming of age — through merciless tragedies — in Nigeria.

by Alfons Morales

The precursor to writing book reviews on Medium

She asked me if I read too much.

The 10th without a living Mother.

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Tell me the better option

The options for “introvert” photos on Medium are QUITE SLIM and depressing, but this one is nice and fairly accurate. by mvp on Unsplash

Because isolation is a little bit of a dream for me

Caroline Lampinen

Mostly the opposite of having my shit together. IG @okaycaroline

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